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Steve Percy & Wayne Koluch expertly run 3 separate companies under the Tree 2 Key umbrella, a building company, a remodeling company and a realty company. When we first met, each of the companies had their own sites, but they’d been designed and built by different people at different times and lacked a cohesive brand identity.

Each company needed the space to tell its own story and speak to its own audience, but at the same time, there was value in branding them similarly to show the strengths of belonging to a larger brand, one that collectively boasted decades of real estate and construction experience. The Tree 2 Key companies also needed a fresh and contemporary look that reflected the personality and style of both the owners and their customers.

We built a responsive website that would present well on all devices, from small phones to large desktop computers. We set them up with all 4 sites managed from one common Content Management System, so with one login, they can manage any or all of their sites as needs arise. Wordpress wrangling by Ben Schell of Blue Pane Labs Copy editing by Toby Roan

tree 2 key design work tree 2 key design work tree 2 key design work